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Programmer in ObjC, Ruby and most web scripting languages. Fluent in Japanese with 16 years experience speaking the language. Lived in Japan 5.5 years. Attained JLPT1 (on my first go - woo!) in 1999. I love Japanese language trivia plus anything good for the Izakaya gets me going! Language study is for the speakers, not just the linguists. :D

comment How can I differentiate between 「もう」 that means “already” and 「もう」 that means “more/additional”?
I think the OP's grammar in the second example is off. Thx for the looking up the pronunciation guide.
comment What's the difference between “マグロ” (maguro), “ツナ” (tsuna), and “シーチキン” (shiichikin)?
Chicken of the Sea from America was copied (licensed?) into Japanese as Sea Chicken (シーチキン). What a gem!
comment Differences among -たら、なら、-んだったら、-えば, etc
Japanese Kokugo textbooks generally group ~ば、~たら、~と、~なら together as they have many similar uses and numerous exceptions. A few of the examples in the OP's post duplicate each other (ie. んだったら、のなら)