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Programmer in ObjC, Ruby and most web scripting languages. Fluent in Japanese with 16 years experience speaking the language. Lived in Japan 5.5 years. Attained JLPT1 (on my first go - woo!) in 1999. I love Japanese language trivia plus anything good for the Izakaya gets me going! Language study is for the speakers, not just the linguists. :D

comment What's the difference between “マグロ” (maguro), “ツナ” (tsuna), and “シーチキン” (shiichikin)?
Chicken of the Sea from America was copied (licensed?) into Japanese as Sea Chicken (シーチキン). What a gem!
comment Differences among -たら、なら、-んだったら、-えば, etc
Japanese Kokugo textbooks generally group ~ば、~たら、~と、~なら together as they have many similar uses and numerous exceptions. A few of the examples in the OP's post duplicate each other (ie. んだったら、のなら)