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Graduate student at Northwestern University studying bio sciences and BIGG DATAAAAA; still know my electrical engineering though.

  • Learning:
    • Python (+ wxPython, PIL Image, others),
    • PowerShell
    • Java (on Android platform)
  • Know C on embedded well (what's a file? stream? :P)
  • Used to know HTML (sort-of now), CSS (less-so...), JScript (no.) At least I was able to forget most of this stuff just in time for AJAX to become useful. (Because it's totally different from DHTML...)

I like stout, esp. oatmeal stout. Gin and tonic if we're talking mixed drinks. Also like Portal (hell, all Valve games), and would kill a bus full of baby nuns with fire if Gabe would release Half-Life 3 already.

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