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Engineer in telecommunication and computing science, enthusiast programmer, fond of movies, shadoks, Japanese language, game of go, Internet technos, swimming.

My background programming language is Java, currently paired with ActionScript, but I also use and am interested from time to time in C, C++, C#, Python, PHP, HTML(5)/JavaScript/CSS...

comment How and when do Japanese children learn kanas and kanji?
No, "a quick Google" does not help at all for me. The only and recurrent information I have is that they lean kanji from grade 1 to 6, and which kanjis they learn in each grade. But nothing on kanas, nothing on whether they must memorize all the on'yomi of each kanjis, and nothing on the way they learn kanjis. Maybe I did bad searches, but I found nothing.
comment What does “さ” means in 探偵さ?
Can it also be used by a woman? I guess so as I have just heard the sentence 探偵だってさ by a woman (she talks about what someone else told her), but I would rather be sure. Or is is another usage in this case?