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I'm an Italian boy. Actually I'm studying Computer Science Engineering (Software Engineering) at the University of Catania.

Main interests

I really like programming. I am very experienced in Microsoft ASP.NET web applications development but also in other languages and application types:

  • Microsoft ASP.NET for web applications development (C#, VB.NET, F#)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework for software development (C#, VB.NET, F#)
  • Microsoft WCF and WPF applications
  • C++ with Boost library integration
  • C
  • Java (SE and EE) for applications development

I also like creating graphics, animations and presentation using the most popular applications ni the Adobe families (I saw Flash growing since when it was still a baby, 5.0, and it was still Macromedia).


I like travelling a lot, and the best part of travelling is experiencing new languages, new sounds new people and culture. I actually love Asia. I lived in Japan for one year and worked there. Made also a lot of friends and gonna return there soon (I hope).


I also like sports. I practiced many but now I almost focus on human swimming and open water human swimming.


I laso like photography, food (strange food) and music.

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