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助詞「ばかり」. Particle often translated to "just", as in "I just ate".
created Apr 20 at 15:41
created Apr 19 at 20:10
過去の推量・原因推量・伝聞・婉曲の補助動詞 (Auxiliary for showing past deduction, past hypothetical cause, past hearsay, past circumlocution) [◯|◯|けむ(けん)|けむ(けん)|けめ|◯]
created Apr 17 at 3:00
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過去の補助動詞 (Auxiliary of past). [せ|◯|き|し|しか|◯] This auxiliary indicates past directly as it was perceived by the speaker whereas けり expresses past hearsay.
created Apr 17 at 2:28
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完了・強意・並列の補助動詞 (Auxiliary for showing completion, string will and enumerating) [ね|に|ぬ|ぬる|ぬれ|ね]. This auxiliary should not be mixed up with the 連体形 of ず.
created Apr 17 at 2:09
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negate a predicate, having the same function as ない. This auxiliary is still commonly found in fixed patterns (e.g. ~ざるを得ない or ~ずに) or its 連体形 can merely be used i…
created Apr 17 at 2:08
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created Apr 17 at 1:17