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Terminology related to programming and computer science, as expressed in the Japanese language
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The set of constraints on how sequences of segments pattern. This forms part of a speaker's internalized knowledge of the pholonogy of a language. Phonotactic rules are usually prohibitive, not constr…
Questions asking for audio to be transcribed.
Questions regarding the ko/so/a/do word series
variant forms of hiragana that were used prior to 1900, but which are no longer in use.
verbs like たべる and おきる, which conjugate after dropping the terminal る, e.g. たべない, たべます, たべる, たべれば, たべよう.
characters that cannot be represented on a computer using a given character encoding system.
A moribund language spoken by some Ainu, an indigenous people mainly living in the island of Hokkaido. It is not regarded as related to Japanese.