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I would say that the most versatile counterpart would be 「相性{あいしょう}」. It can be used in any kind of interpersonal relationships including romantic ones. We say: 「(Person A) + と + (Peson B) + は + 相性がいい。」 or 「(Person A) + と + (Peson B) + は + 相性が悪{わる}い。」 Every once in a while, you will encounter the word 「ケミストリー」, but it is not very common at all.


I searched with Google, Qiita (one of the largest programmers' how-to sites in Japanese), and Japanese Stack Overflow, and to my surprise, I failed to find one single Japanese article introducing this 'XY problem'. So I can safely say XYプロブレム or XY問題 is not recognized by Japanese IT workers at all. (But is English "XY problem" widely used outside of Stack ...

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