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Here you have some (from my 漢和辞典): 箱櫃{そうき}・箱筥{そうきょ}・箱篋{そうきょう}・箱匣{そうこう} Every word roughly means "various boxes". None of them is common word, but I can guarantee these words are never read in 訓読み, because it would become はこはこ and you don't make sense.


There aren't really any common words using the ソウ reading. However, I was able to find the word 書箱{しょそう}, meaning "bookcase". That word is definitely not common, but it is the only one I can find.


I think the term you're looking for is [上げ突き]{あげつき}. Though similar, it's not exactly the same move. アッパーカット or アッパー are recognizable to any Japanese familiar with martial arts, too, as naruto has mentioned.


I don't do karate or any other martial arts, but the basic term for this is katakana アッパーカット, which should be understood by almost everyone who is fluent in Japanese. 裏拳 (ura-ken) is more a like backhand blow, or a blow using the back of one's hand. This is well-known, too. 裏突き (ura-zuki) is a straight punch with the palm facing upward. I think it's a ...


If you are talking about how to count when during the exercise, I would that saying 一{いち}、二{に}、三{さん}... Is perfectly okay. I also found some evidence of people counting in english. If you to say something along the lines of "Today I did ten pushups", then I would use 回{かい} that will indicate the number of repetitions of a given exercise. Example here. ...

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