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I think your question might reflect some confusion about the Japanese language. There are multiple words pronounced カンジ in the Japanese language. If you type on your computer, you should see a drop-down with many of them (in fact not all possible words with that pronunciation in Japanese). For the most part, each kanji way of writing カンジ pronunciation is a ...


組み合わせ is combination/ grouping. Literal meaning: 組み group 合わせ match/ matching This is unfortunately not proper for padlock. It would give an entire whole different meaning if you are asking for matching padlock (in terms of shape, color, etc. to other padlock/ item that makes the original padlock looks better)


[暗証番号]{あんしょうばんごう} is the appropriate word for those cases. The same word is used for bank account PINs and ten-key door lock pass codes as well.


How about 番号{ばんごう}? as in 暗証番号


ランタイム時に may not be that bad, but feels awkward as you guessed. And Japanese ランタイム as a noun tends to mean "runtime library" (such as JRE, .NET Framework) rather than "run time". For example, "Javaランタイムをダウンロードしてインストールしてください". The normal way to say "at runtime" in that context would be (プログラム)起動中に, 実行時に, etc.


If you simply cannot produce the Japanese sound, it'll work. I know someone who always used the English R, and it didn't sound as strange to my Japanese friends as it did to be as an American. R, L, and the Japanese consonant all sound similar to Japanese people, but not to me. But, even if it sounds alright, you'll ultimately have a harder time speaking. ...


Translation: 幾山河 こえさりゆかば 淋しさの はてなむ国ぞ けふも旅ゆく Over river and mountain I search for a land without longing... and walk on another day Meaning: 山や河を越える度  「淋しさが過ぎ去った  こここそが其の国なのだろうか!」と思い(だが、そのようなものは存在しないとも。。。) それでもまた旅路を進むことにする With each river and mountain that I pass, I think to myself, "Perhaps this place is one without longing and want!" (yet, such a ...


The direct translation of "observatory tower" is 展望タワー or 展望塔. Use it if the main purpose of the tower is having an observation deck and attracting tourists. The number of "pure" 展望タワー is not large, but such towers include Kyoto Tower, Tsūtenkaku and Chiba Port Tower. Many towers and skyscrapers have multiple purposes. Tokyo Sky Tree and Eiffel Tower are ...


Just the word "observatory" as you have in your examples for Sky Tree and Umeda Sky Building would be 「展望台」. But if you want to be more specific about the kind of building or observatory, you need to put in a little more information, because a 展望台, just like an "observatory" is not necessarily a tall building or tower. It could also be on a mountain for ...


I think you can try: 見晴{みは}らしがいい場所 見晴らし台 展望台{てんぼうだい}

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