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I don't know of a website that does this, but I do know of software that does it. A Japanese guy in the early 2000s created something called "kana2rom". It had been long neglected. My coworker rescued it, transformed it slightly, and it is now a Ruby open source project on GitHub. Buyer beware - programming required to get it up and running, but it was ...


There's a zokugo dictionary here, which includes both normal slang and internet slang. Of course, it's all in Japanese. I haven't been able to find any other resources for this sort of thing, though.


You can try Google Translate's 'read phonetically' or 'listen' options. If you need/want an offline tool as well mecab can do this, among other things. For example, if I enter これはミーカッブの変換機能テストです, it can produce: これ 指示詞,名詞形態指示詞,*,*,これ,これ,* は 助詞,副助詞,*,*,は,は,* ミーカッブ 名詞,普通名詞,*,*,*,*,* の 助詞,接続助詞,*,*,の,の,* 変換 名詞,サ変名詞,*,*,変換,へんかん,代表表記:変換 機能 ...


Here's one, though not perfect. Here's another.

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