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I am afraid that your understanding of the third form is incorrect. 「捕らえられていた」 is the equivalent of the English "pluperfect passive voice". There is no "progressive" expressed in this. In English, it would be "had been caught (and had stayed in captivity since)".


The difference is rather huge. 「[送]{おく}る」 means to physically "send by mail or a delivery service." What you can send must be a tangible item. It can also be a person that you 送る to some place by a mode of transportation. 「[贈]{おく}る」 means "to present a person with something". That something can be either tangible or intangible. You can 贈る a favorite ...


持ち込む is to bring things inside, take something into. 持ってくる is just to bring things. None of them are used for people. That would be 連れてくる.

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