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「好きな~」 generally corresponds to "~ which one likes", and one can safely have multiple 好きな色 and 好きな食べ物. 好きな色は赤と黒です。 Some E-J dictionaries say "favorite" is "特に好きな" or "大好きな", which means the English adjective "favorite" is usually stronger than 好きな. And as far as I know, English has no single-word adjective which exactly matches 好きな. I think "favorite" ...


(Note that 寝る doesn't necessarily imply sleeping, but can mean "to lie down".) 寝台 is just what it says: an elevated platform (台) for lying down / sleeping (寝) and usually refers to the "bed"s in couchette/sleeping cars in trains (or buses, ships, etc.).

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