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There is no idiomatic way other than saying 「~の[年]{とし}」. The 「~[年]{どし}」 pattern basically only applies to the 12 zodiac years. There are however a handful of non-zodiac words you can find in a dictionary, including [厄年]{やくどし}, [当]{あ}たり[年]{どし} ("year of plenty") or [閏年]{うるうどし} ("leap year"), but any of them is associated with or based on some periodic yearly ...


The idiomatic way of saying "This was the year of ~" is "今年は~の年だった". Dropping "の" sounds very weird. And if this Selfie refers to a self-portrait, セルフィー is more natural. 年末を迎えてメディアが指摘しているのが、2013年が "The Year of The Selfie"、すなわち セルフィーの年だったということ。 (http://www.cubeny.com/catch12-3-13.htm)

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