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I believe this is the tune you are looking for: (Sing to the tune of Battle Hymn of the Republic) au autte matsu matte toru totte yomu yonde asobu asonde shinu shinde kaku kaite kesu keshite isogu isoide minna u-verb te-form utsuru tte mubunu nde ku ite gu ide (repeat twice more) su shite u-verb te-form


‘Fluent’ is translated as 流暢な and 淀みない as adjectives, 流暢に、淀みなく as adverbs, and ペラペラ and すらすら as onomatopoeias, like 彼は英語をペラペラ(流暢に)話す。 The word ‘native speaker’ passes as “ネイティヴ・スピーカー” in Japanese own pronunciation. It can be rephrased as ”外(国)人並み,” which is a very popular phrase. Most Japanese would roll their eyes if they hear "ボゴワシャ," unless you show it ...


I think you have a couple choices. For "fluent": ペラペラ。 This is a slightly colloquial word (due to being an onomatopoeia sounding like quick speech), which can mean "fluent", both in the sense of (a) speaking uninterruptedly, and by extension, (b) being skilled in the language. This might be the most common word you hear when describing someone as "fluent" ...

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