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With action verbs like 読む{よむ} the -ている form becomes -ing in English. 昨日{きのう}、一{いち}時間{じかん}本{ほん}を読み{よみ}ました。 I read a book for one hour yesterday. 昨日{きのう}、一{いち}時間{じかん}本{ほん}を読{よ}んでいました。 I was reading a book for one hour yesterday.


I think this is a bit tricky. In short: you are getting it right, but in this particular example he doesn't necessarily think it is no longer interesting: his comment was probably made on something that had finished earlier. There's no tense agreement in Japanese, so we can think of these two pairs Robert さんはおもしろいといっています。 -> Robert さんはおもしろいといっていました。 ...

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