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"aite" is a form of "aku" which is an intransitive verb that means "open". "akete" is a form of "akeru" which is a transitive verb "open". It's a little confusing for English speakers because "open" can be used transitively OR intransitively. "The door opened" vs. "I opened the door" You can also use "open" as an adjective in English! "The library is ...


「~~させ (causative verb form) + て + いただく」 expresses receiving the permission (or opportunity) to perform an action from another person. 「いただく」 = 「もらう」 in meaning. Former is only politer than the latter. 「[取]{と}らせていただいた」 means "I/We received the permission to take/collect ~~." One could also use as a translation "I/We had the pleasure of ...

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