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is it possible to interpret the plain/present affirmative of a verb as an action in progress/event currently taking place as well? Not really. There are several different patterns you can use depending on the situation. In general, you can use the pattern 〜つつある for something that is currently in progress. ドアが開いている → The door is open (in an open ...


You can use 最中 ドア開いている最中にxxxxが起きた


The answer is basically no. You can express any progressive actions with (adverbal form) + つつある, which was created to translate exactly English progressive forms, though it's not frequently used in everyday conversation. Speaking how to translate the examples you suggested to common expressions, "My friend is going to Europe now":私の友達は今ヨーロッパへ向かっている "The ...


すすんでいく can mean "to willingly go" or "to keep progressing". As for さいて行く, for example, "氷を割いて行く" means "to break the ice and go" or "to go breaking the ice".

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