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これはAで、Bではありません。 means 'This is A, not B.' This is similar to これはBではなく、Aです。(This is not B, but A). これはAですが、Bではありません。(This is A, but not B.) So これらは "Yes, I'm following you; please continue."という意味で、"Yes, I agree." という意味ではありません。 means 'This means "Yes, I'm following you; please continue" and NOT "Yes I agree".' You would say ...


The reason I'm confused over this is because despite the clauses being opposite polarity they are using the て/で form. The で you mentioned is used to join two sentences here, and it isn't a counterpart of て/で form in verbs, though their... they're very confusing. As it's... its true identity is somewhat debatable and I don't know how your textbook ...

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