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「と」 here is a quotative particle used to quote 「ふん」; It is not an abbreviation of anything. 「と」, all by itself, is in its full form. It may look like 「と」 is at the beginning of the sentence, but in essence, it is the same as: 「ふん」と、彼女は鼻を鳴らし、中学の制服である・・・・ A direct quote, no matter how short it is, is often treated as a full line in stories, which is what ...


みなりのポケットの中には、ボールペンを二本あります。 There are two pens in the dress' pocket. [身]{み}なり refers to how you are dressed, your appearance, etc. Use ドレス for dress as in long dress or wedding dress, 服 or 洋服 for general clothes. を is used to indicate an object; use the subject particle が since the ボールペン is the subject of あります. あります would be fine but 入っています would be ...


自分は死ぬ前に一目思う女に逢いたいと云った。 自分は死ぬ前に思う女に一目逢いたいと云った。 There is no difference in meaning and both are just as fine, since the two words 死ぬ前に and 一目 are just as strongly related as 一目 and 逢いたい, though the former sounds more dramatic and the latter sounds a little too plain to me. I think 一目 is more emphasized when placed right after 死ぬ前に.

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