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More "correct" can be a bit misleading. Do you mean more common? Generally you need to keep the answer grammatically compatible to the question. Also keep in mind the other ways the same questions will be asked: どこの国の人ですか? 出身はどちらですか? お住まいはどこですか? 故郷はどこですか? For the most part you'd just answer these in noun form: アメリカです、東京です、or whatever. That being ...


X在住 is the closest answer for your question. This can be used like 私は東京在住です。 and 東京在住の日本人. Also X居住 is acceptable. The difference between them is where the subject is living, which here means X. X in X在住 are like country, province, city or village. X in X居住 are like house, apartment.

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