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Always keep in mind that Japanese is a head-final language and will put modifying clauses after the head. For example, your sentence can be broken down as: the cat (that I can't understand) is talking. In Japanese this would be (私がわからない)猫は喋っている as seafood258 already stated. Japanese does not use words such as that or which, and will place the modifying ...


Like in English, Japanese nouns can be modified by phrases. The sentence you gave could be broken into: A cat is talking. ねこはしゃべっている。 I don't understand the cat. わたしはねこがわからない。 Combined, they yield: The cat I don't understand is talking. わたしがわからないねこは しゃべっている。 As you can see, one can simply prefix the noun with a descriptive phrase. It simply ...

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