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There's no subordinate clause here. That's coordinate clauses: だけどかつのはいつも金太郎だ・です and おおきな体のくまさんでも金太郎にはかてません。で in 金太郎で is the continuative form of the auxiliary だ. The topic in だけどかつのはいつも金太郎だ is かつの, "the one who wins", and the subject in おおきな体のくまさんでも金太郎にはかてません is おおきな体のくまさん. でも, "even", has replaced the subject marker が.


だけど勝{か}つのは何時{いつ}も金太郎で大{おお}きな体{からだ}の熊{くま}さんでも金太郎には勝{か}てません So let's start from the beginning: だけど introduces a contrast with the previous sentence similar to but or although. 勝つのは nominalizes 勝つ and introduces it as the subject using particle は, thus the one who wins is 何時も adverb meaning always 金太郎で: This is the part stating that it's Kintarô who ...

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