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That really depends what you mean by "kanji". Remember that kanji are derived from Chinese characters of which there are not a defined number. The 常用 (general use) kanji set is the one prescribed for education in schools and treated as a "safe" list to use in newspapers and other publications. The 常用 kanji with the most strokes is currently 鬱 (as noted by ...


Well, this is the first time I've heard of SKIP. But according to this wiki article, I think it is a mistake. 古 has 5 strokes and 月 has 4, so the SKIP for 胡 should be 1-5-4. The stroke order listed in the link given by jkerian in the comment can also confirm this.


For common (常用) kanji, I think 鬱 has the most strokes - 29. It is probably not as common as 鑑, but it's not exactly rare either. It's used in 憂鬱【ゆううつ】 (depression, the way you feel after writing that kanji) and a lot of other emotion-filled words. And for archaic ones, I've also heard that 䯂 has the most strokes - 34. It's so uncommon these days though that ...

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