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It's the girl who is showing her 包容力 (to her boyfriend). 彼氏くんの方が攻め攻め implies the boyfriend was aggressive and taking initiative, and the girl was acting rather passively. But in reality, the girl was not that passive, but was intentionally letting him do as he likes (with her "broad-mindedness" ≒ 包容力).


そういうこと in the first dialog corresponds to the second meaning: 「前述の発言内容を全面的に肯定する」. This そういうこと refers to the "lesson" which 音ちゃん just realized (自慢しちゃダメ). This kind of そういうこと can be translated as "Now you understand it", "Yeah, that's what I mean", etc. (Strictly speaking, in this case, 音ちゃん had not explicitly said something like 自慢しちゃダメだった when he said ...

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