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I've heard it a few times myself and the subtitles do tend to either spell out the English letters or break up the syllables. While the characters of many languages (including Romance, Germanic, and Semitic languages) have names, the same is not true of Japanese, Chinese, or other Asiatic languages. Characters will sometimes break up their speech in anime ...


そういうこと = 彩葉さんが、誘いを断って帰っていったという結果・状況。


Japanese is not as tonal of a language as English with its rhythmic iambic pentameter (English is said to be "a stress-timed language") or Chinese (Japanese does have some tones, such as kami [paper] vs. kami [god] vs. kami [hair] or hashi [bridge] and hashi [chopsticks]). In English, emphasis is often accomplished by changing the tonal stress of the ...

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