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Yes, your translation is absolutely correct and 絶対について来ないでね literally means "Never follow me". But in some situations, 絶対にXするなよ can be taken as a hint of "Do X (at your own risk)"! If native speakers encounter a girl who says 絶対について来ないでね in manga or light-novels, they can instantly imagine the テンプレ ("template") story after this: the boy who heard this would ...


They are all actual words. まわる is 回る, to revolve. She feels her surroundings (or herself) are spinning. It can imply her thoughts go round and round (go back and forth) in her brain. ぐわんぐわん is one of the 擬態語, it is often used to describe a sense of vertigo or tinnitus (mix of ぐるんぐるん/ぐるぐる + がんがん). ほわほわ is also a 擬態語. It's similar to ふわふわ, which is light, ...

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