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The sungoi is most likely due to the Tokyo nasal g accent. In Tokyo, oftentimes when there is a "g-" sound in the middle of a word, they'll add in a subtle "n" right before it. They'll probably still write it as sugoi because that's what they're saying, just with an accent. This i have learned from my time on WaniKani because one of the people they use for ...


While people will likely understand you if you mix them up, it's better to use proper one: ガラス = glass (material) 吹きガラス (glass blowing) ガラスの皿 (glass plate) グラス = a glass (for drinking) タンブラーグラス (tumbler glass) ワイングラス (wine glass), グラスワイン ([drink] a glass of wine) カクテルグラス (cocktail glass) ミキシンググラス (mixing glass) ~グラス = some other things made from ...

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