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「Verb Phrase A + ほどに + Verb Phrase B」 = "the more (Verb Phrase A), the more (Verb Phrase B)" 「[失]{うしな}うほどに[求]{もと}める」 = 「失うにつれて、ますます求める」 = 「失えば失うほど求める」, etc. Thus, 「[人]{ひと}は[誰]{だれ}もまた失うほどに求めるけど」 means: "The more people lose, the more they desire, (but)...."


They sound to me like "ワンツワンツー (one two, one two)" and "ぶっ[壊]{こわ}せ!(bukkowase!)"...


To me, the singer's tongue is moving backward, and his throat has tension for "vibrato" in the first one and in the second one. And, I guess this makes you hear the r sound, something like French R. French R is difficult for Japanese to hear. I think it is not nasalised because Japanese can hear syllable-final nasalised sound. It is said that Arabic only ...

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