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As a literal translation, it's wrong.  本気になれぬ ≒本気になれない ≒(You) can't get serious. (Side note: if you look at the rest of the lyrics, it's pretty clear that at least some of the clauses before 「ウルフボーイ」 don't act as relative clauses, so I don't think the meaning of this line is "The wolf boy who can't get serious", but just "You can't get serious; ...


It is always intriguing looking at how Japanese-learners read Japanese. For either the first line or second line, there is only one possible interpretation, not two. くいちがう[時]{とき}はいつも [僕]{ぼく}が[先]{さき}に[折]{お}れたね くいちがう here means "to differ in opinions" and 折れる means "to give in to the other person". 折れる cannot mean "to turn" in the phrase 「先に折れる」 even ...

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