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That is no slang. It should be in any dictionary. 大辞林第三版・デジタル大辞泉 「さまになる」 「サマんなんねぇだろ」= 「[様]{さま}にならないだろう」← "dictionary" form 「ん」 is the colloquial contraction for 「に」 here. 「なんねえ」 is the mostly-Kanto colloquial way of saying 「ならない」. 「様になる」 means "to look good", "to look proper", etc. 「様になんねぇだろ」 = "You wouldn't look good."


This person's drunk and his speech's slurred. He's trying to say 白い着物の幽霊だってかぁ~?

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