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Just as the English "A as B" is not symmetrical, so is Japanese "BとしてのA." B is the usage/disguise. A is the object to be used. 分詞としての形容詞や副詞をよく使えば does not make sense. 形容詞や副詞としての分詞をよく使えば would be a better translation for your English sentence. However, it is unnatural to fit everything into a noun. It is far more natural to use an adverbial expression ...


(すごく古い質問ですが、偶然見つけたので) Although the number is small, there seems to be some "英製和語" (an English word of Japanese-origin, that has a significantly different meaning from the original Japanese word): Tycoon (大君【たいくん】 in Japanese is a dated word for shogun, not a businessperson) Hibachi (Japanese 火鉢【ひばち】 is a heating device and not used for cooking) Satsuma ...

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