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I assume you are looking for a Japanese equivalent of "ceterum censeo" and are not looking for an equivalent of "Carthaginem esse delendam" (or "Cartago delenda est" if sticking to the indicative.) My answer is: there is something remotely resembles to that expression, but the usage is different (not that "serious," I would say.) It goes like ...


In casual speech, you might say: A: 「なのか」ってどういう意味? B: どっちの「なのか」?「なのか、ようか」(とか(言うとき))の「なのか」?(それとも、)「なのですか」って意味の「なのか」? If you want to sound politer you might say: A: 「なのか」はどういう意味ですか? B: どっち(orどちら)の「なのか」ですか?「なのか、ようか」(など)の「なのか」ですか、それとも「なのですか」という意味の「なのか」ですか?


Informally, I would suggest 「みたいな」 or even just 「の」. One can say: 「みっか、よっか」みたいな「なのか」? 「みっか、よっか」の「なのか」?

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