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まで actually has quite a number of different (but fundamentally related) meanings. Here, IMO, it's related to the "no more than" meaning (a bit like にすぎない) and serves to make this expression more humble: "May this at most serve as a reference for you" aka I feel (or at least make it seem as such to be polite) that it may not be worthy of being used as ...


This まで corresponds to the following definition of まで of デジタル大辞泉: 3 動作・事柄がもうそれ以上には及ばず、それに限られる意を表す。…だけ。「気に入らなければ断る―さ」「念のために聞いてみた―だ」 So まで can mean only or just. ご参考までに is "just for your reference", implying that information is not critically important. Other examples: まずはご挨拶まで。 (Used at the end of a formal business letter, and means something ...


Does President give a「講評」 on the annual overseas budget - Overseas Operation Budget for Fiscal Year of 2017 - at the board meeting? Maybe. But I’ve seldom heard of the set of word、社長講評 being used on such an important issue. The issues like an annual budget and business plans of a legit organization are discussed, studied, examined, reviewed to the bone by ...


I think it's supposed to be 勝手{かって} with a little つ.

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