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There is an exact Japanese equivalent to "Strike while the iron is hot," that is "鉄は熱いうちに打て." I don't know whether this proverb had existed before we knew English version, or is just a translation of "Strike while the iron is hot."


It is 「[鉄]{てつ}は[熱]{あつ}いうちに[打]{う}て」 and every Japanese-speaker would be familiar with this saying. English to Japanese: (Click where it says 「英語ことわざのABC順分類」)


There are a couple of equivalents listed on WWWJDIC. I cannot vouch that these are any common though. 「鉄は熱いうちに[鍛えよ]{きたえよ}」, a variant of the 打て version 「[善]{ぜん}は[急げ]{いそげ}」 make hay while the sun shines 「[奇貨居くべし]{きかおくべし}」 if you find something rare, buy it (i.e. don't let an opportunity slip) 「[幸運]{こううん}の[女神]{めがみ}は[前髪]{まえがみ}しかない」 opportunity only knocks ...


That is a strong phrase. It is often used to start accusing or fighting. "You are so rude." would be close.

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