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so that you all may tell me that I terribly misheard everything and should give up on Japanese forever You heard it all exactly correctly including the ん and should not give up on Japanese :) It sounds as if she is telling me that there is no omake Yep. Or, rather, that these are not omakes (extras). ("There is no" would be がない or はない rather than ...


You heard it quite right; she is saying 「おまけじゃないんだからね!」. Where you would normally hear something like this from a ツンデレ is in a scene where she does something for a guy and then follows it up with 「べっ別に好きってわけじゃないんだからね!」 "I-It's not like I like you or anything!" In my opinion, it doesn't really make that much sense in this context, but saying 「〜じゃないんだから」 ...

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