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Anastrophe exists in Japanese: Usual order: 前の彼女が放火、殺人、信号無視の罪で終身刑になったと知って安心した。 Anastrophe: 前の彼女が終身刑になったと知って安心した。放火、殺人、信号無視の罪で。 (Note about the word 終身刑: Strictly speaking, 終身刑 means life imprisonment without parole, and the usual life imprisonment with a possibility of parole is technically called 無期刑. However, in nontechnical context, 終身刑 often ...


If you are looking for a structured approach to become familiar with different writing styles, common ways of constructing/planning essays, technical writing, newspapers, novels etc then I would suggest working your way through some 読解 text books for the JLPT. The written section which makes up 1/3 of marks but takes up 1/2 the time is a series of ...

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