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A:呆れたように言う彼女 B:横になったまま見上げつつ C:持っていた本を机の上に置いた A is his description about her move. B is his action #1 C is his action #2 呆れたように言う。 According to his observation, her speaking tone has incredible or all negative. I don't understand meaning of る-form in your question.


Let's take another example. while looking up the moon that orbits the earth while looking up the moon that is orbiting the earth I believe you would find the first one more natural. (I'm not a native speaker of English, though) Then, it's because you know it didn't only move when you happened to see it. Likewise, in the case of 呆れたように言う彼女を横になったまま見上げつつ, ...


呆れたように言う彼女を横になったまま見上げつつ、俺は持っていた本を机の上に置いた I think it breaks apart like so: 呆れたように (as if she were amazed) 言う彼女 (the girl in question) を横になったまま見上げつつ (looked up while lying down), (while as for me) 俺は, (the book I was holding I placed on [top of] the desk) 持っていた本を机の上に置いた the takeaway: 言う彼女 is a noun. "the spoken-of girl" or "the previously mentioned girl" ...

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