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役所のある都市A city that has government offices. Due to が -> の conversion, this is the equivalent to 役所がある都市. Credit to @snailboat 議会や中心になるBecomes (things like) central and congress. In this case, this is not a one time thing, or a future occurrence - it is in the present. This basically means it is being/doing. Another example of なる meaning "to be/to do" is ...


You should read the sentence in this way: NP{ NP(その国) POSS(の) NP[ NP(議会) AND(や) NP(中心になる役所) ] } SUBJ(の) V(ある) NP(都市) , where NP{} is the subject of the sentence modifying 'city'. It's not a full parse, but I hope you understand the point here. OP seems to have a problem reading NP[], which is a ...

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