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The words in the former are made up so don't think you can tell what the "correct" way to read it. You'll have better luck looking up the meaning of the kanji. As for the later, looks good to me either way. EDIT: 血啜 means sucking-in blood (like you'd suck-in ramen noodles), although it's normally a sentence and not a noun (血を啜る). The noun here sounds made ...


I think according to usual romanization rules, 五兵衛 should be romanized gohee, as you say. That said, the そば屋 you link to actually provides a reading of its name そば屋 五兵衛 【そばや ごへい】. So they're not romanizing ごへえ, but are romanizing ごへい, which would be gohei. Whether their reading of 五兵衛 is nonsense is a different matter. I can only guess that whoever tried ...

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