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Here you have some (from my 漢和辞典): 箱櫃{そうき}・箱筥{そうきょ}・箱篋{そうきょう}・箱匣{そうこう} Every word roughly means "various boxes". None of them is common word, but I can guarantee these words are never read in 訓読み, because it would become はこはこ and you don't make sense.


There aren't really any common words using the ソウ reading. However, I was able to find the word 書箱{しょそう}, meaning "bookcase". That word is definitely not common, but it is the only one I can find.


Even if you read 6分 as ろくふん, it's ok. But ろっぷん is easier to pronounce and much more common. It's the same when it's used like 5.6分, which is usually ごーてんろっぷん.


受{う} isn't really a thing in Modern Japanese―that's just part of 受{う}ける or 受{う}かる. Most of the time, if the word is 受ける or 受かる, you can tell how to read the kanji because of the okurigana. And when there are no okurigana, it's usually じゅ instead. There are a few deverbal examples where the okurigana may not be used, such as 受付{うけつけ} or 受身{うけみ}. With this ...


I think it's read せきがいせんじゅはっこうぶ. 受発光 should be from 受光【じゅこう】 (light receiving) and 発光【はっこう】 (light emission), so 赤外線受発光部 is a part which both emits and receives infrared light. It's similar to 送受信【そうじゅしん】 (two-way transmission, sending and receiving), which is from 送信【そうしん】 and 受信【じゅしん】.

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