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I had a look on kotobank : Apparently 2 persons are recorded as being named 小此木 小此木{オコノギ} 彦三郎{ヒコサブロウ} Link 小此木{オコノギ} 啓吾{ケイゴ} Link So オコノギ (Okonogi) seems like a likely pronounciation for this name. According to this website 森廣 is pronounced モリヒロ (Morihiro) and is worn by about 400 persons, which makes it quite rare. There also seems to be a few ...


If you mean edible seaweed, 海藻 is right to use. Nori, wakame, mozuku, hiziki and mekabu are all 海藻. They look like http://bit.ly/1gfJick In Japan, usually, people don't eat 海草. Dugongs like to eat 海草. http://www.arkive.org/dugong/dugong-dugon/video-01a.html 海草 is often used to mean 海藻 by mistake.


海藻 = seaweed, 海草 = spermatophyta living in sea (water). For details, see -> https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E6%B5%B7%E8%97%BB together with https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E6%B5%B7%E8%8D%89.


If you prefer visuals I've done some research on this topic several years ago. Like, for example, this is the list of kanji grouped by ON-yomi and sorted by their uniqueness. The research was done for most popular kanji learned in school (1945 total). Here are some interesting results I got: List of kanji grouped by number of different ON-yomi they have ...

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