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Simply, 星嶺鷹守学園 is one long proper noun. So you should translate it as "Seirei Takagami Academy/School/etc" without thinking of the etymology. You don't want New York to be translated as 新ヨーク even if "new" definitely means 新 :-) And it's very difficult to analyze this phrase "etymologically", too. Of course it's easy to split it into kanji and explain the ...


[Edit: Note, this answer was intended to be a complete answer to the initial version of the question - however the question has undergone a major edit so this answer only partially answers the question.] The overall theme is "good and bad ways for people to refuse requests" (eg from their employers). The connection between the first two paragraphs is that ...


「内」 in the form: 「Proper Noun + 内」 is always read 「ない」. I just could not think of an exception to this "rule".


舞桜 could indeed be a given name for girls. It's listed as such in you should search for 舞桜 #names. gives lots of readings; I would have guessed まお, but the other readings are probably someone's name, too. まう 【舞桜】 Female given name 1. Mau まよ 【舞桜】 Female given name 1. Mayo まおう 【舞桜】 Female given name 1. Maou ...

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