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This でも is used to mean "〜 or something", usually in regards to suggestions. It leaves room for other options. 食事でもどうですか → How about something to eat (or something else)? お茶にでもいかない? → Would you like to go out for tea maybe? 参照 The use of でも and ででも in this sentence


So.... you are talking about demonstrative pronouns, correct? This = これ Ex: This is my book. これ(This) は ( I intentionally say nothing, however, it is a particle ), 私 ( my ) の ( also a particle ) 本 ( book ) です ( polite way of saying だ ( meaning, used for decisive endings )) これは私の本です。 That = あれ Ex, That is my book. You can just swap with "これ" ---> ...

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