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I would say it is a pun on 景気が良い like you guessed. Katakana ー is often used with the sound イ, for instance けいこ→けーこ. The expression 景気がいい is used quite a lot. References: 新聞やニュースで、よく「景気がいい、景気が悪い」という言葉が使われます http://diamond.jp/articles/-/17436 景気がいい時は、お給料が上がりやすかったりモノが売れやすかったりというイメージがありますよね。 http://www.k-zai.net/ebasic/020_economy.html Do all stickers use ...


What is a "corner" shaped like? ;) In addition to drawing your attention by being unusual, it's visually appropriate for the meaning. I'd suggest it's as much/more a graphic design choice than any linguistic emphasis.


First of all, saying 隅っこ versus just 隅 is something of a colloquialism to begin with. And writing it with a コ instead of こ seems like a stylistic choice by a marketing team who is trying to be as cute as possible. Look at how katakana is used in advertising and you will find many examples of how something normally written in hiragana/kanji has been ...

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