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The most well known style guide for the media is 『記者ハンドブック 新聞用字用語集』(official, Amazon) by 共同通信社. 共同通信社 is a famous news agency, thus I think it's basically the Japanese equivalent of the AP Stylebook. I used it on a daily basis, because I was a magazine writer/editor. Others are 『日本語表記ルールブック』 by 日本エディタースクール, 『新しい国語表記ハンドブック』 by 三省堂, 『NHKことばのハンドブック』 by 日本放送協会, ...


Thanks to @firtree and the other users in the comments for helping me with this. I'll re-post specifically what @firtree stated: I'm afraid that it would always be hard to read the small-font kanji. Native speakers learn lots of kanji by heart, and see them many times, so they recognize them even with unreadable strokes, from the general outline. ...

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