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It seems that the singer pronounces the english word "saint" instead of the katakana version 「セイント」. It makes sense, since 「セイント」 comes from "saint". As for the questions: The pronunciation is more of a "style" choice rather than a linguistic issue. Wouldn't consider it either one, but like I said, just a stylistic phenomenon.


Are you are talking about 今{こん}日{にち}は? I guess you can see everything you need by looking at ruby characters above.   


For the place name: おおさか【LHHH】 Reference: See under category 「近畿{きんき}」 in http://accent.u-biq.org/nihon.html For the family name: おおさか【HLLL】 Reference: None found. Just trust me if you could. Hear 「大阪」 pronounced multiple times as a place name by native speakers here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKb8OoeQp-8 Pitch accents often differ between ...

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