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On the pronunciation サ has a length of 1 mora, サァ and サー are both 2 mora. 前の音があ段の音の場合は、長音と同じように扱う。 If an A-row sound precedes it, ァ is treated just like ー. On the usage Usually used in foreign words. 主に外来語や方言において使用される。 Mainly used in foreign or dialectal words. Source http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E3%81%81 See also ...


Well, to start off, お猪口 is the typical cup you see when sake is served hot. It looks kind of like a ceramic shot glass, just with straighter sides and a little shorter. さかずき are flatter and disc-like. As for how to write it, my dictionary confirms the preferences listed in EDICT: 杯 is listed first, followed by 盃. Unless I go to the 国語辞典 within the ...

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