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This is actually more complicated than it seems. The general feeling in conversation of referring to oneself in the third person BY GIVEN NAME(or self chosen name re:Cher, Madonna, etc) has either a childish (one who hasn't learned about the contextual nouns with which one should refer to oneself by in a given situation) or an arrogant slant to it, but again ...


さん is the most common courtesy title to be used for both males and females. It’s like Mr., Mrs., and Miss. ちゃん is more casual and intimate form of さん, which is used between or among close friends and colleagues of both male and female, and notably among children. But, ちゃん is neither gender or age specific. I’m 83 year-old man and called as "Oishi-san" in ...


It's common to use ちゃん regardless of their sex when they're are very small... roughly under 6 years old or so. 平均的なところでは, ○未就学児は男女問わず「ちゃん」 ○小学生~高校生は男子が「君」,女子が「さん」 ○大学生以上の学生,社会人(18歳未満でも)は「さん」 ○ただし政治面など硬めのニュースでは男女問わず「氏」

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