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First, I'd like to explain the whole scheme concerning personal pronouns. You are supposed to use Standard Japanese when you speak in public or formal situations and in this case, you basically use 私 (derived from old Tokyo) only. Otherwise, you speak in a dialect of your own. In many areas including most populated ones, people speak New Tokyo dialect, ...


I'd say that this is the most common pronoun among college and older males I wouldn't say it's the most common one, but in a manly/friendly/aggressive environment you might encounter it. In real life speech it's not as common as 僕 and 私 since there are a lot less situations where you can use 俺 safely. It is used a lot on the internet, though. It's the ...


You can look at the verb it's used with. Examples: 自分でやります - I will do it myself 自分でやってください - Please do it yourself

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