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こちら is very often used to talk about people as well as a simple replacement to この. You are likely to have heard the phrase: こちらこそ Along the lines of "I'm the one who should be saying that" This is an example of こちら being used to refer to people, specifically the self. In phone calls, and letters, people very often use こちら in place of 私. This ...


I think 僕 is not very respectful (to the listener). It's not exactly rude (you can use it with です・ます, after all) but it's a little relaxed. So, if you are using 尊敬語 or 謙譲語 to show respect to the listener, then I think 僕 does not fit (normally you'd be using 私{わたくし} or some more relevant term like 弊社). However, if you're using 尊敬語 to show respect to some ...

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