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ランタイム時に may not be that bad, but feels awkward as you guessed. And Japanese ランタイム as a noun tends to mean "runtime library" (such as JRE, .NET Framework) rather than "run time". For example, "Javaランタイムをダウンロードしてインストールしてください". The normal way to say "at runtime" in that context would be (プログラム)起動中に, 実行時に, etc.


Find here 4)〔数学〕否定, 相反《真偽を逆にした命題》.


I think I learnt in elementary math that 22 % 3 = 1 would be read as 22を3で割るところの余りは1 Hence, I would read the example in the original question as 4を2で割るところの余りは0


The word modulo is read モジュロ, while the abbreviation mod is read モッド. In many programming languages, the modulo operator is written with a symbol such as %, but it still represents either modulo or mod, so you could read the symbol either way. Written form Reading ----------------- -------------------- x modulo y x モジュロ y x mod y ...

3 mod は、modulo(モジュロ) の省略で、モッドと読みます。 Someone deleted his answer but he was also right in a way. a % b is also read a を b で割った余り.

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