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It sounds like much of what you are facing is a cultural more than syntactic problem. A コンビニ is not a bodega; there's no chummy socialization that happens there. All of the language I use in the convenience store is transactional: If you need to ask them to check out: お[会計]{かいけい}お[願]{ねが}いします。 / To indicate the method of payment: ~~で[払]{はら}います。 ...


It's Kansai dialect. I don't think it's official 敬語 recognized by 文科省. It's 尊敬語. 食べはる ≒ 食べられる, 召し上がる [来]{き}はる ≒ [来]{こ}られる, いらっしゃる 先生が来はった。≒ 先生が来られた, 先生がいらっしゃった I think ~~はる sounds less polite/formal than the standard 尊敬語. I think it comes from なさる (--> なはる --> はる ?)


very roughly speaking, すみません=excuse me and ごめんなさい= i'm sorry

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