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1) For business settings, or in private life when you meet an important person like your GF's parents: After introducing yourself by saying: 「(Position/Department name) + の + ABCDEFG + と + [申]{もう}します。」 you could add: 「[長]{なが}い[名前]{なまえ}ですので、ABC とお[呼]{よ}びいただければ[結構]{けっこう}です。」 or 「長い名前ですので、ABC とお呼びいただくようお[願]{ねが}いいたします。」 I might actually use ...


We could discuss levels of formality since in Japan calling one by their last name is par for the course, and there aren't that many last names that are difficult to pronounce once any phonetic mysteries are cleared up. So any of these might seem rather informal by definition. Very simply, you could say ABCで結構です。(ABC is fine). Another more ...


If you want to only be called ABC, when introducing yourself, you can simply say something like 私はABCDEFGと申します。ABCと呼んでください → My name is ABCDEFG. (But) Please call me ABC. If you want to tell them that either is acceptable ...。ABCと呼んでも{いい・全然大丈夫・オッケー}です。 or ...。ABCと呼んでもかまいません。

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