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時間がなかったからパーティーに行きませんでした。 時間がありませんでしたからパーティーに行きませんでした。 While the second one is relatively a bit politer than the first, neither of these are very casual nor polite. If you said these directly to the host of the party, the host would probably feel offended. If you said these to your close friend, he/she would feel that the "~でした" part is ...


Both sentences have minor issues even though they may be considered good in Japanese as a foreign language. At least, both are grammatical. 「から」 actually sounds more casual/informal than many J-learners seem to think. That is the impression that I get from speaking to them. The more formal words with the same meaning would be 「ので」 and 「ため/ために」. With ...


Typically one asks おいくつですか? (or possibly a more polite variant) In a format situation (notwistanding that asking someone's age is likely inappropriate) 何歳ですか? is probably not the best way.


お返事ありがとうございました。 掲載していただければ光栄です。 どうぞ宜しくお願いいたします。 Yet, it might be quite too short of an answer for such email.


I do not think there is anything insulting with お巡りさん: I've definitely heard it said to koban people to their face by people with no ill-intent. But it's also a term that specifically refers to koban-type cops (literally means "person on the beat"). Perhaps not higher-up officers or detectives. For something more formal and more respectful, how about: 警察官 ...

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