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Some language families (such as Chinese and Athabaskan) have visible origins for their tones - you can't reconstruct tone back to the shared proto-language, but you can reconstruct other features that later turned into tone. Other language families (such as Bantu and Oto-Manguean) have no visible origins for their tones - you can reconstruct tone back to ...


As is mentioned, it's usually na-TU-KA-SI-i (in the begining of a phrase) and as you say, when it's emphasized, it goes na-tu-ka-SI-i.


You may find useful my Japanese phonetic converter: http://easypronunciation.com/en/japanese-kanji-to-romaji-converter Unlike other converters that just add furigana to Japanese text, my converter also displays the pitch accent in Japanese words. Right now the converter doesn't support the inflected forms of verbs and adjectives, but I have plans to ...

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