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You may simply say どいて頂けませんか。 This however, is too polite: どいて頂けませんでしょうか。


To add to the other answers, if you want to go even more polite (i.e. a more formal setting or dealing with strangers) you can use 失礼します. It's more indirect too, rather than explicitly saying "get out of the way or move".


そこ literally means "there" so you can't just add ください to it. For "move", I think you would say: どいて。(informal) どいてください。(polite form of どいて, but still sounds informal) (ちょっと、)そこ、あけて。 (Lit. Make room there.) etc. To sound polite I think you could say: ちょっとあけてください。 ちょっとあけてくれませんか。 ちょっとあけてもらえますか。 ちょっとあけてもらえませんか。 ちょっとすみません。 etc...

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