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I don't really like xの方がyより in this order. I would rather say it like ゲームXはゲームYより難しいのはもうわかっている。 or ゲームYよりゲームXの方が難しいのはもうわかっている。


for "can tell", as in I have the feeling that : the most natural would be "気がする" ゲームXのほうがゲームYより難しい気がします for "can tell", as in after thinking about it and i'm sure of it : "ことはわかる" as kiss-o-matic said would be right


頭 usually refers to a physical head, and here it is used in an extended, more abstract, meaning, front position. Compare with the use of the English head in a programming context: C++ header files. There's also the linguistic term head-initial. Thus, 声母とは頭に付く子音 says that a 声母 is a 子音 placed at the the beginning of a 音節. A few more examples: ...

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