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整える should be most suitable. However, just saying 'please put my hair in order' might be a little ambiguous. I'm sure your barber would ask for more details and you would get your desired haircut. But to be sure you might want to mention that you want to keep the length the same. Therefore you could say: 長{なが}さをそのままで、全体的{ぜんたいてき}に整えてください。 Which pretty much ...


ばえる means 騒ぐ in 鳥取弁, the dialect of Tottori. けん is mostly used in the 九州 area and some parts of 四国 and can mean a range of things. I am most familiar with から and some kinds of よ: から 今日は寒いけん、コートを着た方がいいよ 今日は寒いから、コートを着た方がいいよ よ お茶いれたけん お茶いれたよ Or いや、昨日めちゃめちゃ面白かったんだよな〜 いや、昨日めちゃおもろかったけんな〜

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