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It sounds like 人間キャッチホン (or 人間キャッチフォン) to me. キャッチホン is the Japanese term for "call waiting". I haven't watched the full episode, but this would make sense in context if Satomi (the woman in the apron) is "putting Mikami on hold" while she gets closer to Nagao, or something to that effect. The meaning of this idiom is pretty transparent (once you know ...


If you wanted to say it a little more properly: すみませんが、もう一度{いちど}お願{ねが}いします。 This is more explicit; "Sorry but can you please say that again?". I would use this if I couldn't understand one piece of the conversation. or すみません。声{こえ}が/お電話{でんわ}が遠{とお}いようなのですが。 This is a soft or roundabout way of asking the other person to repeat themselves. I usually use ...

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