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やっぱり 予想【よそう】通【どお】り 案【あん】の定【じょう】 ほらね! お約束【やくそく】 And many others. I don't know how to use 本当に sarcastically.


To take a picture with someone: 一緒に写真を撮って(も)いいですか? To take a picture of someone, when the subject is your friend: 写真(を)撮って(も)いい? When you know the subject is ready to be taken a picture (for example when it's Mickey Mouse in Tokyo Disney Land): 写真を撮って(も)いいですか? Something like 写真お願いします usually means 'Can you take a photo for/of us?', but it's ...


That would be 「猫{ねこ}に注意{ちゅうい}」-- 「ねこにちゅうい」 in all kana.

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