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If you just want to say "overrated," 「過大評価」 is the word for it. この役者は過大評価されている。 The antonym is 「過小評価」. 「高評価すぎる」 sounds a bit strange but would be fine it it were 「高く評価されすぎる」. I think 高評価 is used often in context that imply positive impressions, which doesn't match the negative nuance of "overrated." In general, 〜すぎる works for most of the time. You can ...


If I understand you correctly, the phrase you're looking for is more about entertaining extreme/absurd possibilities, or humorously saying how little you know about the matter, rather than a sincere “to the extent of my knowledge”. Variations on “知る限り” will work when you are being sincere, but it doesn't really work in a sarcastic way. I'd say it's closer ...


My suggestion is "僕【ぼく】の理解限界【りかいげんかい】[と言【い】えば・について・に関【かん】して]...."


I think what you have is fine, but I would say it as 私の知っている限り.


[労働時間]{ろうどうじかん} seems to work. The Wikipedia page for 労働時間 talks about 労働時間 in relation to labour laws (労働基準法), and has a section about calulating time worked (労働時間の計算・範囲). The following is the relevant paragraph: ...

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