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It's actually an observation of the Japanese people written by a Jesuit missionary: "[The Japanese people] are so crafty in their hearts that nobody can understand them. Whence it is said that they have three hearts: a false one in their mouths for all the world to see, another within their breasts only for their friends, and the third in the ...


How about 気楽【きらく】 or 気軽【きがる】 (na-adjectives)? These words imply that the content is not so serious nor thought-provoking. 気軽に読める本 気軽な読み物/小説 Another option would be 手軽【てがる】 (na-adjective), although this may tend to imply the volume of the content (ie, the number of words in a book) is small. As you already know, ライトノベル refers to a certain genre of novel ...


You could possibly say that a book is 読みやすい, meaning easy to read. That wouldn't carry the connotation of a certain kind of book, but lets you know that it's not super dense.


As other people mentioned in the comments, your grammar is off in that sentence. I would phrase it like this: 私は日本語を勉強することについて不安に思っています。 Side note: Even in English, I think the sentence "I'm nervous about learning Japanese" is a bit vague without more context. The reason I say this is because the action of learning a language by itself does not ...

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