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In general you will want to the already suggested phrases but if you are talking about juice specifically, you will want to use 「果汁100%」as it doesn't make sense to talk about added sugars in juices. If that were the case, then you would just indicate the percentage of real fruit juice e.g. 果汁30%, which means that the rest of the drink consists of sugar ...


ノンシュガー and シュガーレス are also common.


I think it is 砂糖が入っていない or 無糖.


I think the difference is how long you assumed that the person is a man. 「男じゃないんですか?」 implies that you've been assuming that the person is a man for some time. On the other hand, 「男じゃないですか?」 implies that you have just realized that the person is a man (though, it depends on the emphasis. You would put the emphasis on the word 「ない」 in this case).

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