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It is headline grammar, not "regular" grammar. Words are often omitted intentionally in article headlines in Japanese just as in English. In English, you would see "[Name] Shot Dead" instead of "[Name] Has Been Shot Dead" as a headline, would you not? 1.Were the title: "キタシロサイ、地球にたった1匹のオス、24時間体制で守られ ている ", how would the meaning change? The meaning ...


Whether you use intransitive or passive depends mostly on what you want to imply. Passive is used when there's clearly an active agent causing the action (even if the agent isn't explicitly stated). Intransitive doesn't carry that information. ドアが閉まる - The door closes. (彼に)ドアが閉められる - The door is closed (by him). The first example only means ...

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