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原子核の崩壊を引き起こす力と,力を媒介する未知の粒子の存在を仮定する This means: Assuming the existence of [(原子核の崩壊を引き起こす)力] and [(力を媒介する)未知の粒子] If there is no comma, it can be read as: Assuming the existence of [(原子核の崩壊を引き起こす and 力と力を媒介する)未知の粒子] or Assuming the existence of 〈[{(原子核の崩壊を引き起こす)力と力}を媒介する]未知の粒子〉


The first instance of the と particle is the と-conditional and the second is the と-quoting particle. 琥珀さんは謝れって言ってたけど、あんな話を聞いたあとだとヘンに意識してしまって、困る。 I had been told to apologize to Kohaku but after having been told so, I strangely noticed that it would be embarassing. Assuming 琥珀 is the subject of 聞いた and that 話 refers to the story that should be kept ...

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