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This looks to me like a case of the conditional と, basically meaning 'if/when'. The sentence then breaks down like this: [[友人に彼女ができると]辛い] You've got 彼女ができる a bit wrong - it's not 'become a girlfriend' but rather 'get a girlfriend'. You have to figure out what 友人に is doing here, also. The '[someone] gets a girlfriend' doesn't have a marked subject or ...


You know what 辛【つら】い means in this context, but the interpretation of the first half of the sentence is not correct. "友人に彼女ができる" means "a friend gets a girlfriend". 友人が彼女になる My friend become a girlfriend (of me, or someone else) 彼女から友人に戻る Become from a girlfriend to just a friend (break up) This sentence, as a whole, means "It's a painful thing that my ...

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