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会社の帰りに usually means 会社から帰る時に, or 'on the way home (from the company)'. 帰り here is a noun meaning the way back or return, while 行【い】き means the opposite. 学校の行きと帰りに本を読む To read a book on the way to and from school


Aの帰り means "on a way to my home from A", because 帰る not only means go back, but usually also mean go back to your home. 会社の帰りに本屋を寄るのが楽しみです means "I enjoy dropping by a bookstore on the way to go back my home from the company." The equivalent word of に in English is "at". You use に in this case because you drop by a bookstore "at" the moment you are going ...

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