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After a bit of research I've tentatively convinced myself that this is the answer: わかります is acting as a passive verb 'to be known' rather than 'to know' or 'to understand'. In which case に is marking the agent of the action, so the sentence literally translates as 'the real young lord is known by me. Without に it would become 'I understand the real young ...


わかる is a potential verb. Potential verbs sometimes take に or には to contrast or emphasize their subjects. So 私にはわかります means ‘I know it while others probably do not.’ Examples are; 彼にできることなら私にもできる。I can do what he can do. あなたに私の気持ちがわかる? Do you know how I feel? あの子には幽霊が見えるんだ。That kid sees ghosts (while we don't).

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